Not knowing how to start an essay is the main reason people fail to really deliver and get top marks for their essays. Sure you can start with the same old “In this essay, I am going to discuss…”

Unfortunately your teacher or examiner has seen these thousands of times before and can usually tell from the opening paragraph if your essay will be worth top marks or not. We want to deliver the most comprehensive and thought provoking opening easy paragraph that we possibly can.

By starting you essay in this manner, you will engage the reader and pursued then to continue reading with their full attention.

Here at How to Start an Essay, we have researched the World Wide Web in order to find a resource that could start us off on the right foot and explain how to open your essay. All we could find was how to write an essay…not how to start one.

Sure we could look at for and against arguments, or persuasive essays, but what we needed was something simple and to the point. A resource that could get us off to a flying start and soon enough we would be well on our way to a awesome essay.

However that resource didn’t exist…SO WE HAVE CREATED IT HERE!

Did you know over 86% of the US population are educated to a High school graduate level, 38% of which will go on so study towards bachelors degree of some sort. Now that is a serious amount of people who will sit down each year and struggle getting their essays off the ground.

Writers block affects all of us at some point in our education. From talented professional writers, to novelists and journalists even script writers of hit movies. They have all had and do have the same problem…How to start an Essay?

We have come across all manner of essay requests in our time such as

  • An essay on yourself (this is a tough one!)
  • An essay about Starvation in 3rd world countries
  • An essay about Journalism
  • A college application essay
  • A book review essay
  • An essay based on Global Warming

Whatever you have been asked to write about, we know you are here because you want to know exactly how to start an essay and you want this FREE because after all, students don’t have much money and what we do have we want to spend partying and on the good stuff life has to offer.

This site will cover many topics such as

  • 7 Awesome Opening Paragraph Essay Tips
  • Writing a cause and effect essay
  • Essay structure
  • How to start a college essay
  • How to use a mind map to plan your essay
  • How to write and essay when you’re stuck
  • How to Start a College Application Essay
  • How to Write a Persuasive Essay
  • Good ways to start an essay
  • How to start a scholarship essay
  • Academic essay writing
  • Writing an essay introduction
  • Dissertation help